Your Principal Investigator must request access approval on your behalf. Whether or not your colleagues and/or anyone else affiliated with your institution has approval, you will still need to request access to the ISPCTN Research Portal. NOTE: If you are not pre-authorized, and you attempt to sign-in, you will receive a non-approved notification. Please have your Principal Investigator request access approval on your behalf. If you or your PI have any questions, email askDCOC@uams.edu



Once your have been granted access, you can sign-in to the ISPCTN Portal. If you see your institution’s logo in the sign-in process (see screenshot below), choose that logo to continue signing in using your institutional credentials. If you do NOT see your institution, please choose “All Other Institutions” and enter the credentials we provided you with. NOTE: If you are having trouble signing in, make sure you are using the same email with which you originally requested access¬† (e.g.., jane.doe@univ.edu not jdoe@univ.edu).